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Understand Supply Chain Dynamics

Whether driven by commercial challenges or national security imperatives such as ensuring the availability of spare parts for a critical defense system, decision-makers need immediate insight into the impacts of events that affect the supply chain.  TACCS™ enables them to anticipate mismatches between supply and demand due to changing sales projections, unexpected warranty claims or rescheduled part deliveries; project likely supply chain disruptions due to weather, strikes, cyber-attacks, or changes in conditions along the supply chain; and evaluate the possible consequences of delayed, incomplete or defective shipments, whether caused by government actions (e.g., tariffs of slowdowns at border crossings) or private sector errors or inadequacies.

In TACCS™, each essential element of the supply chain is modeled, reflecting its operational status, processing behavior, vulnerabilities, part inventories, prices, and other key parameters.  The elements are then linked based on their interdependencies, providing an integrated picture of the entire supply chain that instantaneously reflects the cascading impact of any disruptions or tested changes.  Events are examined in real time, and also projected into the future, providing the user with advance notice of the need for corrective action.