Priority 5’s Touch Assisted Command and Control System (TACCS™) is a leading edge 24/7/365 real-time geospatial enterprise-wide software platform that is utilized by operating divisions in both the government and private sectors.  TACCS™ equips operations personnel and key decision-makers, regardless of their location, with a user-intuitive advanced technology that can project, evaluate, plan for, execute and monitor day-day-to-day operations.  Additionally, TACCS™ provides a comprehensive, and interactive common operating picture that assists users in managing planned and unplanned events at any scale or size.  With TACCS™, executives, operations center staff, field and tactical personnel (e.g., on-scene incident commanders and CERT teams) are now able to maintain a real-time, updated status of their critical assets and key resources, by accessing a comprehensive common operating picture that integrates disparate and siloed information (including, but not limited to various databases, real-time data feeds (e.g., sensors, digital cameras, drones and weather data feeds) or other software programs (e.g., CAD software, IoT networks, risk simulators, etc.).   TACCS™ brings it all together in one single display.

Using patented technology, TACCS™ examines all incoming data to identify threats before they become obvious and wreak havoc or cause interruption; and automatically initiates notifications for information or action in seconds.  TACCS™ does far more than providing a simple viewer or a set of message boards. It harnesses the power of modern computing in a fully-integrated, scalable, open architecture, that can leverage legacy systems and best-in-class resources with real-time data so that decision-makers have the end-to-end command of their operating environment.

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