Priority 5


Priority 5 is a trusted provider of software solutions for situational awareness and decision support. Its innovative software products aggregate and manage information in real time to provide actionable intelligence at the speed of sight.

Priority 5 is at the forefront of creating software tools, including interactive dashboards and analytical frameworks, that operate in a single, cohesive situational awareness platform. Its tools not only help the decision-maker sort through multiple information streams and changing circumstances to maintain real-time situational awareness, but also enable multi-agency planning for response and recovery using modeling and simulation technology.

Priority 5’s architecture allows the entire response team, including field personnel, to actively participate in its dynamic common operation picture.

Priority 5’s versatile, flexible and interoperable software provides Actionable Intelligence and Seamless Information sharing for use in a variety of areas such as:

  • Risk Management
  • Security for Facilities and Personnel
  • Operations, Event and Incident Management
  • Disaster Readiness