TACCS™ Technology

TACCS™ (Touch Assisted Command and Control System) C5I software solution provides an out-of-the-box common operating picture and other situational awareness and decision support tools for domestic and international end-users.  It includes an operator configurable multi-display of ready-reference dashboards, is rapidly deployable, and is available as a cloud-hosted solution.  User-friendly TACCS™ interfaces are designed for operations centers, dispatch desks, executive offices, field personnel and analysts to enable/facilitate seamless operational decision making at all management levels.

TACCS™ utilizes a service-oriented open-architecture and integrates standard GIS data (including ArcGIS, DigitalGlobe, and Open Street Maps) and most common data formats (including Web Map Service (WMS), Web Feature Service (WFS), ArcGIS Feature Data, Representational State Transfer (REST) API, Google Maps Webfeed (GeoRSS), and KeyHole Markup Language (KML)). It gathers, collates, synthesizes and disseminates information in real-time to authorized parties under role-based access controls.  Its features include alert processing; critical infrastructure management; incident and event management; reporting; and recovery and mitigation planning.  TACCS™ is deployed on a Linux server and Windows workstation, and is available through a web-based interface and a mobile application.  The web-based interface can be run with any modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari), and the mobile interface is available on iOS and Android operating platforms.