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Conduct Port Operations

TACCS™ is an operating platform for the entire life cycle of port operations, supporting planning, logistics, security, enforcement and resiliency. TACCS™ is the software at the core of the GLPC-C4 Maritime Domain Awareness system, which serves one of the country’s major offshore oil ports; and the recipient of an AAPA technology award for port operations and management.

TACCS™ is the next generation Maritime Domain Awareness application, providing comprehensive resources for operations ranging from the normal (e.g., leasehold management) to the off normal (e.g., placement and maintenance of oil booms and skimmers to prevent shoreline and wildlife contamination, as it did during Deepwater Horizon). The software incorporates data from feeds such as GIS, AIS, radar, CCTV, access controls, GPS, variable message boards, weather display and weather alerts into one dynamic, interactive common operating picture. TACCS™ visualizes the operational condition of the port’s critical infrastructure and resources, integrating inputs from critical port systems to reflect changes in conditions as they occur; and shares its display as appropriate with port personnel and the port’s partners (both inside and outside the fence) that have the responsibility to respond.