TACCS™-DI software is a focused solution now included with TACCS™ for private sector, federal and state operations centers.  A limited cloud version is now available at no cost for use by local jurisdictions.

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Laptoop with Priority 5 TACCS-CD with map

With TACCS™-DI users can:

  • Receive notifications of possible virus cases from multiple sources
  • Reconcile conflicts and establish a case for each new report using a checklist
  • Automatically notify designated personnel
  • Track the status of each case
  • Map recent sites visited by the individual
  • Note special conditions (e.g., high risk)

And manage the response by

Tracking inventory of key supplies

Projecting the impact on community assets such as medical facilities, fire stations, testing facilities, etc., and their operational status

Configuring templates for reports that can be automatically generated

Desktop Computer with Priority 5 TACCS-CD Situational Report

Replaying the sequence of events to help understand the spread of COVID-19 within the jurisdiction

Displaying an executive dashboard with current statistics and the status of critical operations



Priority 5 will not disclose your contact information to third parties.  The free cloud solution is not commercially available; availability may be limited based on the number of requests.