At Priority 5 we pride ourselves on applying solid engineering practices to solve real-world problems that matter. We work in a fast moving and challenging environment where everyone is constantly learning new skills and technologies to attack ever changing problems. One day you may be streaming live real-time video and the next designing the backend for a new mobile application. We work in an agile environment using light-weight processes that we continue to refine as a team. We are a small company that doesn’t put anything in the way of producing great solutions. Everyone is expected to find areas for improvement in the product, development process, or anywhere in the company and take action to change it.

Hiring Criteria
(what we look for)

Above all, we are looking for people with a passion for producing quality software solutions. We hire generalists and expect our team to be able to quickly adapt to new technologies. As part of the team, you need solid communication skills to clearly articulate your designs and ideas. A B.S/M.S./PhD in Computer Science, Software Engineering or a related field is recommended but not required.

Current Openings

We are currently looking to fill both full-time positions and internships in the following areas.

Testing Lead

We develop software using high-quality standards and methods. We have a test-first mentality that requires automated integration tests for all parts of the system and we would like to expand this further to improve our standard of quality. We are looking for someone with the same drive and passion for quality to lead these efforts.


  • Work with team to ensure high-quality software releases
  • Work during sprint to validate quality of new features introduced
  • Build and maintain automated user acceptance test system
  • Lead development of QA procedures
  • Assist field engineers to replicate bug reports from customers

Software Engineer – HTML5 Applications

We develop real-time rich internet applications for mobile and desktop devices using the latest HTML5 and Javascript technologies. These applications push the limits of what current systems and technologies support. We are looking for developers interested in helping us push these boundaries in order to deliver the best possible software solutions to our customers.


  • Working with the team to find the best way to solve customer problems
  • Crafting clean interfaces with a focus on usability
  • Writing tests for all new code
  • Developing native application wrappers for hybrid mobile applications

Software Engineer – Desktop Applications

We have developed a real-time desktop application unlike any other that provides a 3D GIS environment, an interactive windowing system, and a common application platform. The application builds upon backend services to provide a collaborative common operating picture across multiple systems. We are looking for developers to help us expand our product line with new capabilities and solutions for our customers’ needs.


  • Working with the team to find the best way to solve customer problems
  • Developing interfaces and services to meet demanding user needs
  • Writing integration tests for all new code
  • Planning the next generation of capabilities for the system
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