Priority 5’s Core Command and Control System (CoreCCS™) is a collaborative, enterprise-wide incident management solution. It integrates data flows into a real-time common operating picture to maintain situational awareness, monitor operations and implement decisions. It serves the entire organizational structure (field personnel, operations center and senior executives) using most electronic computing devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphones). Its operating picture can be shared as well with remotely located operations centers, collaborating organizations and Government officials. Its geospatial display can be changed by the individual end-user, at any time and for any user device, among available geospatial presentations (e.g., maps, satellite imagery, aerial overflight images). CoreCCS™ incorporates into its display data from electronic feeds, from manual entries and from its own internal processing. It is available in most languages. CoreCCS™ has numerous software tools (including collaborative whiteboarding and secure SMS chat) that support on scene commanders and response organizations by providing planning, situational awareness, decision support and command and control resources.